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Art Gallery SA, 2nd & 4th Oct 2020

Supported by ArtSA, this funding was meant for a residency in Singapore with NAFA Arts. However, due to COVID, it evolved into a beautiful making of responses to works at AGSA's Samurai exhibition. 

In times like such, a Samurai's spirit is indeed worth emulating. Zhao performed works Samurai and Kyo-shu (by Zhao) and Dan-O-Ura (by Satomi Ohnishi) with San Ureshi. It was one of the first events after easing of restrictions at South Australia. An enjoyable cross-artform collaboration and truly pushed boundaries for San Ureshi.

Performance of Kyo-shu at Nexus Arts on 19th November 2021, rearranged for San Ureshi (Guzheng, Erhu and Percussion) as well as Guitar, Viola and Cello.


Commissioned composer by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra 

A unique project in unique times - Floods of Fire commenced in 2020 amongst the roaring of a pandemic across the globe. Although we are safe in Adelaide, Australia, our hearts go out to the many across the globe. 
With such a thought, The fire phoenix suite was composed for Floods of Fire. As a commissioned composer, with support from Belinda Gehlert, Zhao composed a suite of 5 pieces, depicting the journey of a phoenix's experiences through a drought and eventually sacrificing herself in praying for rain. A beautiful series to be delivered in 2022, tailored for general and younger audiences. 

Floods of Fire - Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (


Zhao Liang.jpg

Photo credit: Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

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