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Life is an echo +
Raindrops from the East 


San Ureshi is touring across Australia, in particular QLD and NSW schools, as well as regional NSW, in 2023. It is exciting for us!

San Ureshi explores the concept of SPACE - in music, in nature, and also amongst people. Space supports creation, beauty and regeneration and respect. It is powerful, yet often overlooked - and we look forward to delivering them through LIFE IS AN ECHO as well as RAINDROPS FROM THE EAST.


Tale of the Fire Phoenix
Lunar New Year Concert
​28th January 2023

After a successful South Australian schools tour of this show - Adelaide Festival Centre will be celebrating this upcoming Lunar New Year with the production of Tale of the Fire Phoenix.

This performance will feature some of South Australia's finest artists. Suitable for all ages and families - we will explore how the phoenix learns to reflect and also bears the heart of 'One for all'.


A mythical bird, spoken of by many cultures and portrayed in many different ways. It is a musical experience, most suited for all ages 4 years and up - encouraging inclusion + 'sharing is caring - fostering a heart for the greater good in all of us.


Here and There
DreamBIG Children's Festival
The Lab, 17-19 May 2023

From critically acclaimed South Australian theatre company ActNow, ‘Here and There’ transports the audience into the lives of artists from across the world, into their homes and places of belonging.


Zhao will be part of this world-premiere performance which brings together six stories, from six different and diverse artists - three Australians, as well as one each from Malaysia, India, and Singapore. Based on the human library idea, Here and There uses live-streaming technology to connect the local artists with an artist from their home country, in a live, immersive performance that bridges the gap between the places we call home.​​

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