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Floods of Fire
March 2024

Led by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Floods of Fire is a call to action for our environment and the impacts of climate change, stemming from flood and fire stories associated with creation, destruction and re-creation.

It’s an artist-led community-building project drawing on the cultural heritage of a wide spectrum of communities living in South Australia. Zhao's Tale of the Fire Phoenix will be performed with the full orchestra on this evening!


Zhao Liang + Satomi Ohnishi
February 2024

A performance responding to exhibition at Art Gallery SA - Misty Mountain, Shining Moon.

Zhao and Satomi collaborated once again to present music, bringing across soundscapes to the beautiful exhibition, especially bringing typhoon music to Thunder God!

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-14 at 12.30.37 AM.jpeg

Life is an echo 


San Ureshi is touring across Australia, in particular Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia this year. It is in its second year of touring with Musica Viva, and we certainly hope to connect with more of the younger generation across the nation!



Photography by Ben Searcy


Tale of the Fire Phoenix
Arts South Australia

This project has now entered a development phase for puppetry! Supported by Arts South Australia, this project collaborates with Kathryn Adams, Danielle Lim and Cheryl Ho - hopefully to deliver a new show and outcome of this project!


A mythical bird, spoken of by many cultures and portrayed in many different ways. It is a musical experience, most suited for all ages 4 years and up - encouraging inclusion + 'sharing is caring - fostering a heart for the greater good in all of us.

Illustration by Nicky Li

The Phoenix (Passion).png
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