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East Meets West
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra 
​presented by Ausfeng Events, 17th November 2022

Performed by Australia’s local esteemed soloists, and the outstanding ASO conducted by renowned music maestro Guy Noble, the East Meets West Orchestral Concert is a colourful compilation of internationally celebrated classical works: including the critically acclaimed Chinese compositions: the Butterfly Lovers violin concerto and the Yellow River piano concerto featured amongst an enticing line-up of other enchanting classics and representative western works.

​Zhao will be a featured soloist as part of the program - performing 'Love Betrayed' - a classic traditional piece, accompanied by the orchestra.

Photo credit: Jane Zhang

Hyoshi in Counterpoint

Festival Theatre Foyer, 6th November 2022

In Japanese, the word hyoshi has multiple meanings: it can refer to a time and tempo, and also to a moment, a chance. It's when something clicks and feels just right.

Hyoshi in Counterpoint sees percussionist Satomi Ohnishi present new works, to be presented by 'dream' all girls band - Jennifer Trijo, Noriko Tadano, Karen De Nardi, Monica Myung and Zhao. Together, these six women from different musical traditions and practices come together in counterpoint to create a unique and powerful musical collaboration as part of the Women at Work series.

SanUreshi- Morgan Sette - 2021-59_edited.png

Photo credit: Megan Sotte

Walk of the Ancestors
inSPACE Development
Adelaide Festival Centre, 13th October 2022

家 - Family. 孝 - Honour. 耻 - Shame. The trifecta that drives Sam Lau's journey into his familial story, charting his course through generations, countries and cultures.

Deeply honoured to be part of such a personal journey, Zhao has joined the creative team as musician and collaborator. With this show, we will certainly be seeing a different side of Zhao's music and experiments as she journeys with Sam's stories.


Echoes of Youth
Pembroke High School, 2nd September 2022

It is said that 'Life is an echo' - what we sow, we shall reap. What we give, we will receive. Radiate and give love, and love will come back to you.

This project has made Zhao feel exactly what these words meant - a term with 2 classes of year 8s, exploring the instrument from its origins, to its basics, and eventually into music writing evolved into music for all students to perform together on this night.


A piece of music was composed for the school - inspired by Pembroke School's Year 8 students - titled Echoes of Youth.


Tale of the Fire Phoenix
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, July 2022

Continued from Floods of Fire's commissioned work, where Zhao composed a suite of 5 pieces, depicting the journey of a phoenix's experiences through a drought and eventually sacrificing herself in praying for rain. It was a beautiful series that delivered in Festival of Orchestra 2021, which was tailored for general and younger audiences.


This year it is programmed into ASO's school workshops - Learning Program

With a heart filled with prayers - may the phoenix's musical resurrection continue to bring us all peace and harmony into 2022!


San Ureshi & Friends

Nexus Arts, 26th February 2022

San Ureshi, formed in 2019, is a trio consisting of Zhao Liang (Guzheng), David Dai (Erhu) and Satomi Ohnishi (percussion). The trio experiments with various cultures, soundscapes and textures, breaking boundaries through their projects and compositions. SThe audience will experience East Asian traditional music and original contemporary tunes arranged in various world music styles and genres.

This time - we are delighted to be joined by friends - Lester Wong, Robert Wallace, Rita Reichbart, Jack Overall (Bronzewing Quartet), Cindy Fan (Traditional Voice) and Alain Valodze (Guitar)


Joanna Young 1.jpg

Photo credit: Joanna Young

An Oriental Flair
Woodville Townhall, 20th February 2022

Featuring a rich cultural experience with some of our best musicians in the South Australian art scene.

School of Chinese Music and Arts presents Noriko Tadano on Shamisen, Jennifer Trijo from ‘Someday – A mindful cabaret’, David Wei-han Dai on Erhu with exceptional traditional vocalist Cindy Fan and pianist Ben Bai.

This was an event supported by Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Adelaide Fringe Producer's Grant 1/3.


Radial Quartet

Nexus Arts, 23rd February 2022

Also supported by Adelaide Fringe Producers' Grant 2/3 - Radial Quartet features some of South Australia's best musicians in the jazz scene - Drummer and composer Jarrad Payne, Guitarist Dylan Marshall and double bassist Bonnie Aué. Zhao works with them, presenting original works, exploring the sonic possibilities reached through a blending of their contrasting musical backgrounds.

Zhao’s skilful mastery of the idiosyncrasies of the guzheng are framed by Jarrad’s diverse percussive and electronic sounds, using automated looping and live treatment to enhance the acoustic properties of this compelling instrument. A treat for your ears, Radial Quartet will surprise and delight.

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