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Why was School of Chinese Music & Arts formed?

It was not intended for as the initial set up was a studio for music making in 2015. It simply grew as a need within the local community and it has developed into one of Australia's most prominent music schools featuring Chinese music (with classes, ensembles, orchestral opportunities and such). I do believe this was meant as will of nature in its making as it was truly unintended.

Education is indeed important and significant in allowing the younger generation understand and be connected to culture through music. In 2011, with the support of ArtSA, we were also able to connect with the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and deliver annual Chinese music examinations in South Australia. In turn , we also formed an introduction for the Conservatory at University of Adelaide. These connections have supported some of our educational directions in recent years. 

For such, I believe that this journey has been a learning curve that I require the most - I am truly grateful that the school has allowed myself to develop and grow along with it


     君子樂得其道,小人樂得其欲。            以道制欲,則樂而不亂;


What drives me to do music?

It was mentioned in the Book of Music, "Music 樂 is happiness 樂. A virtuous is happy to gain Tao whilst a mean person is happy to gain their desires." This constantly reminds me about what Tao is and what is the true purpose in life.


For such, some may consider my music and drive to be carried towards an 'audience oriented' manner. However, it is truly an expression of my beliefs in education, in connecting with others, in being a voice of mine when I share my music, and also I hope my music delivers like 'rain' in calming and soothing the hearts and minds of people and others.

Music was traditionally considered a form of harmony and propriety. I do hope to continue this belief in a contemporary manner, in this new age and time.



Why have I chosen to be involved in community work?

I truly believe that music is beneficial for the young in their development, but also a good medium for families and individuals in bridging their difficulties, as well as support and aid communication. It may not be the only way out, but it is truly a creative and supportive way. 

For such, I have been dedicated in supporting local councils and organisations in their development of community programs with the inclusion of music since 2015. It has developed significant results and acceptance has been viewed widely with certainty.


I truly believe that arts and music can form a bridge between people. Music and arts can connect naturally and beautifully. It can certainly improve relationships, foster positive attitudes and even support literacy and development. It is so powerful yet so gentle. Through the arts, I see it as my best approaching community work.




Why do I write music?

It began as a passion project, to support my community's younger children (including my kids!) to learn of some ancient texts and poetry - and to aid that I tried it with music. It was such a great fit and to see it with my own eyes was unbelievable. Music is so supportive and functional in learning - especially the idea of 'Learning through singing'.

So, when Emily Tulloch at Nexus Arts proposed that I respond to Janaki Lele's artwork with music - it allowed me to open up and tell a story through my music. In recent years, writing for Radial Quartet and also San Ureshi have been my spaces for writing. It is always inspiring to connect and communicate with others through our music. Tale of the Fire Phoenix became a bigger project where I envisaged it to tell the power of reflection and how a wider whole is so much more crucial than individual glory.

I hope to tell more stories, and also explore my values and beliefs, through my music in the future!

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